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Speech at third WWC in Tunisia

23.09.2022 | Nomazulu Thata

Flight, Displacement & Migration

I kindly ask you to rise for a minute of silence and let us remember the African women who perished on their way to Europe, in the Sahara Desert and the Mediterranean Sea:

Thank you!

We remember the women who have died and been killed by domestic violence, political activities, and sexual abuse.

We remember the babies and little girls who perished and were ritually killed by sexual violence.

We remember the women around the world who are fleeing because of domestic violence in their societies.

We remember the women who have perished on the run in the Sahara Desert.

We remember the women who drowned in the Mediterranean Sea on their way to Europe.

We remember the women who are in slave markets and brothels in North African and European countries.

All people have the right to personal freedom, dignity, and physical integrity. This should also be asserted for African women. We need global sisterly support. We African women see how women in the global North fight for their equality and their rights and duties, also in Germany.

We can stand together against the burdens* and injustice if we join with other women worldwide and learn from each other. We must courageously overcome the patriarchal society - this is how we build a new social order.

At this World Women's Conference, we call on all women to stand up against patriarchy:

Misogyny and every kind and form of oppression and discrimination must be eliminated with all our strength. Together we are strong! It takes courage to leave your own country and flee in uncertainty!

Courage is a must for every born African woman!

The idea that African women are weak and not intelligent is wrong. Courageous women are politically active all over the world - together with courageous men - against despotic regimes and oppressors. Competition - war - victory must be replaced by the female ability to carry and nurture a child and provide for a family and neighborhood - and to start anew even after failure.


Nomazulu Thata, 3rd WWC in Tunisia 3 to 10 September 2022

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