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Serial Kidnappings of Children and babies in Zimbabwe

10.02.2023 | Tarisai Mudahondo

Madzibaba confesses to serial kidnappings


A white garment apostolic church member (Madzibaba), Willie Chindundundu (21) confessed to serial child kidnappings after he was caught by people trying to kidnap a one-year-old toddler in Glen Norah C on Tuesday.
Harare Provincial police spokesperson inspector Luckmore Chakanza confirmed the incident and said the matter was still being investigated.

"Allegations are that some children were playing outside in Glen Norah C on Tuesday around 5 pm and as Chindundundu approached the children others ran leaving the toddler behind.
He took the child hid him under his garment and walked away, he was caught Glen Norah C residents after being alerted by other children who had seen what happened," Chakanza confirms.
Residents chased Chindundundu and managed to catch him when he was about to get into a getaway car, he was bashed by a mob before the arrival of the police and confessed that he had kidnapped many other children in the mountains, Bulawayo24.com has learned.

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