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Zimbabwe GBV: Man whips wife with a shambok

25.02.2024 | by Peter Matuka

Man whips wife with sjambock


A resident of Chavukova Village, Muzyanini, situated under Chief Pashu in Binga, Witness Muleya, found himself before the Hwange Magistrates Court this week, facing allegations of physically assaulting his spouse. Muleya (33) was charged with physical abuse, and during the Thursday court session presided over by Magistrate Yolanda Kabasa Bonzo, he pleaded guilty.

The incident transpired on December 5 when the complainant, Tawo Kapoto, sought financial support from her husband, Muleya, for the maintenance of their two children. An intense disagreement ensued, culminating in Muleya resorting to physically assaulting Kapoto. Using a sjambok made from a tire, he repeatedly whipped her all over her body, causing severe injuries.

Prompted by the filing of a police report, investigations were initiated, leading to the discovery of the weapon, a tire-made sjambok, concealed under the bed in the couple's bedroom hut. Subsequently, Muleya was arrested.

In court, Muleya acknowledged the charges against him, resulting in his conviction. Magistrate Bonzo, when delivering the verdict, sentenced Muleya to 350 hours of community service. The sentence is set to commence on December 18 at Pashu Clinic. The Magistrate emphasized the gravity of Muleya's actions and the profound impact on the victim as the basis for choosing a community service sentence.

Source - Peter Matuka





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