About Ntombi Langa Radio

Themes, but not limited!

About Ntombi Langa Radio: Themes, but not limited!

Culture, rituals, celebrations, traditions and the consequences on women and children; Education of girl-children/ a game changer to African communities; Social challenges in societies including child marriages and &prostitution; Gender equalities at home and at workplaces – removing patriarchy in our societies; Child informal and formal education: gender perspective; Domestic violence on women and children especially girl-children; Migration: internal and external migration: tackling causes and effects of migration and its consequences in Africa: push and pull migration to Europe and elsewhere; Africa’s natural resources belong to who? Africa is the richest continent, but the population is the poorest in the world: Why? Climate change and its effects on the populations especially women and girl-children in rural settings; Poverty and its elimination in African communities; Food securities and insecurities: its causes and effects; Child labour and exploitation in African societies; Slave trade & human trafficking and organ harvesting domestic service in foreign countries? the consequences! Health issues: HIV/AIDS, Ibola, Sars-Covid 2, Malaria, Family planning, Child mortality and births, malnutrition, Mortalities at childbirth, genital cutting of children, young women: a tradition too far!; Women in public and private sectors: its positive impact on development; Depopulation of Africa and brain-drain; Chronic conflicts, wars and their impact to women, children, and livelihoods; EU- Marshall plan with Africa: A feminine perspective; Children’s corner; Dealing with vestiges of colonialism in our societies/ skin bleaching, wigs, and hair straightening; Customary laws and constitutionary laws and their contradictions on women’s perspective; Tourism in Africa: who are the beneficiaries of trade? Foreign religions and African religions and their contradictions in African settings; African women authors’ corner: message of literature and novels; a game changer; Continental Music; Fashion and designing African dress code; African woman’s identity?